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Rachael Pas has a passion for helping people.  Getting your social security disability benefits can be a confusing and long process.  Rachael can help.  She has been diligently guiding people through the Social Security disability system since 2012, and has represented claimants at all levels of the process – from initial application to representation in federal court.  Her years of experience have helped her to develop the expertise necessary to help you get your benefits, but also an unparalleled level of compassion for those who have been denied their benefits but are unable to work.  She also has extensive experience in helping people obtain disability insurance benefits under ERISA-governed private policies.  She has been a pioneer in changing the law to help claimants stand up to insurance companies that deny you your hard-earned benefits.  Rachael is not afraid to stand up to the insurance companies and fight for you. 

While working towards solutions for her disability clients, Rachael soon discovered that many of her clients were facing substantial financial hardships as a result of being unable to work.  The inability to work often leads to a loss of healthcare coverage, leaving the disabled few options for adequate healthcare and mounting medical debt.  Rachael began practicing bankruptcy law for Clark & Washington, where she was able to counsel clients regarding their debt relief options.  For several years Rachael has worked to help her clients achieve debt relief and financial freedom through the bankruptcy process.  If bankruptcy is not your best option, she will strive to provide you with alternative solutions best suited for your personal financial goals.  Rachael proudly works towards providing a judgment-free atmosphere to help you through the most difficult financial times.  She understands that life can throw you curveballs that even the best financial planning may leave you unprepared for.   

Rachael earned her undergraduate degree from the prestigious Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia in 2009.  From there she attended law school at Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law, receiving her J.D. in 2012.  While in law school, Rachael worked as a provisional assistant district attorney in Monroe County, Georgia, gaining invaluable courtroom experience.  She was also an integral member of the Wagner Labor & Employment Law Moot Court Team and was the recipient of the ABA’s Award for Excellence in the study of Labor & Employment Law.

After law school, Rachael returned to Chattanooga, which she is proud to call home.  Rachael resides in Ooltewah, TN with her husband and their three children.

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